Tuesday, August 08, 2006

home theater speaker: LTB Audio Systems Promotes Low Cost Home Theater Sound System People Wear on Their Heads

LTB Audio systems is promoting the world’s only true 5.1 wireless sound system that sits comfortably on a person's head. The LTB-WR-5.1 Wireless Headphone system is the only one of it’s kind to offer true, non-compressed digital wireless 5.1 surround sound audio in a comfortable, lightweight headset.

Teterboro, NJ (PRWEB) August 3, 2006 -- LTB Audio Systems, the leading manufacturer of true digital 5.1 headphone technology, is promoting true 5.1 wireless headphones for home theater speaker enthusiasts who don’t want to shell out big bucks for surround sound. Since their introduction this year, the Cinema 1 wireless 5.1 headphones have become very popular with movie and console gaming enthusiasts. LTB has been promoting its true 5.1 headphone technology through retailers that sell HDTV products from 26–50 inches. The Cinema 1 headphone system offers customers with minimal budgets the ability to take full advantage of 5.1 audio offered in today’s HDTV broadcasts.

“With LTB true 5.1 headphones you don’t need to focus speakers to a central point in a room, because you wear them, you can move about or sit anywhere and you can have private control over the volume as well,” said Jon Miller VP of Marketing for LTB.

The latest addition to the LTB 5.1 lineup, the Cinema 1 True 5.1 2.4GHz RF wireless is a unique example of combined audio technologies that have been overlooked by other audio manufacturers. As in other LTB 5.1 Headphone products, the Cinema 1 series sports six independently chambered emitters that are pre-balanced to offer true Dolby 5.1 Center, Left, Right, Rear and Sub channel separation. LTB also believes in safe headphone usage: its safebass™ technology represents a true effort to limit problems from extensive headphone use by limited bass levels below 90db.

LTB Audio Systems technology is widely recognized as the true leader in 5.1 headphone technology. While other manufacturers may offer multiple speaker headphones, none can claim the true fidelity of LTB patented ISC (Independent Sound Chamber) technology or the safe functionality of Safebass. LTB Audio Systems has provided Vivendi Universal Games with true 5.1 headphones to be used exclusively to demonstrate the latest PC Gaming titles at this year’s 2006 E3 Expo in Los Angeles. LTB offers several wired 5.1 headphone systems that meet a variety of applications. LTB will release a new series for computer users based on their current Platinum pro series early this fall called Magnum 5.1. LTB True 5.1 Digital headphones are available from a variety of on-line vendors like
Radioshack.com, staples.com, techdepot.com, skymall.com, smarthome.com, buy.com, qvc.com, hsn.com and more.

About LTB Audio Systems
LTB, which stands for Listen To Believe, represents a product line focused on providing leading-edge audio and multimedia headphones designed to meet the optimal demands of the latest digital media in games and movies as well as music and hi-def audio. LTB controls various key technology patents that have made them an upcoming leading manufacturer of true surround sound technology products. For more information visit LTB at www.ltbaudio.com.

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D said...

LTB shipped me a defective headset. I finally got a RMA number from them, and returned it - the USPS verified that they received it. It's been 5 months, and despite repeated emails to them, they have not refunded my money, nor even bothered to reply to any of my emails.

Please pass on this warning.