Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Axion home theatre system

Recently my friends moved in to a new bungalow, As a close friends and a ex class mates, we three of my friends and myself will invited to his house warming. The bangalow was very big with seven bedroom with bathroom attached. ON the ground floor there was two kitchen, one wet and one dry, a dinner hall and a living room with a bar counter attached. Futher down a study room and a theatre room. The theatre room was fantastic display, better then going to theatre movies. The 16 chairs like massage chairs where adjusted to your position.

Regarding the sounds is was very trilled like you are watching the real motion picture and when I enquired from him he said he install An Axion home theatre system where the surrounring sound will transform your music in the movie viewing that gives you the viewing experience that you won't fell the difference. Axion home theatre will revitalize your entire music collection that was most unheard in most stereo. The renovation of the home theatre that cost him about 100,000.00 Malaysian ringgit. That day I stay overnight with all our friends and wifes and we enjoy three great movies.