Sunday, December 10, 2006

Klegg Electronics, mostly known for its diminutive MP3 players along with boutique, high-end media center systems, flat panel televisions, and home theater speaker systems announced today that it plans to introduce a new consumer-oriented Genesis line of media players, speakers, and flat-panel televisions beginning January 8, 2007. In addition to launching a separate online site for the Klegg Genesis line, the produts will be available via traditional retailers and online distributors.

"Over the past year Klegg has worked to lay the groundwork to support the GENESIS launch through strategic alliances, technological acquisitions and marketing initiatives," said Dennis Gentles, CEO of Klegg Electronics, in a statement. "The Company is confident that their entrance into the $21 billion consumer electronics industry with the new moderately priced Klegg Genesis line of products and the continued growth of Klegg's original product line, estimated to increase in sales by 27 percent in 2006, will dramatically impact Klegg's 2007 operating results and will produce long term sustained growth for the company."