Monday, January 15, 2007

Where to put? - Is Location Really That Important?

With today's busy and hectic schedules, many consumers do not either know how to OR take the time to accurately place their speakers for the fullest enjoyment and quality - mind you, the speakers they have just paid a small fortune for. But truth be known, there are no "perfect or accurate" places to put them! There are many variables involved, such as our own personal preferences. But additionally, there is the room layout, furniture, aesthetics, children, pets, and the opinions of all involved in the home. One of the best things about a home theater is that we can create a very organized, well-planned system that provides sound to our home or room with the highest of qualities. We may be able to create such a high quality sound with our home theater speakers, so that we may feel like we are in a huge movie theater. We are not just talking about sound that is loud, but sound that is all around us, making us feel as if we are in the movie itself. With the proper placement of speakers in the room, we are going to experience the highest level of surround sound.

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Series of Sound System

CP Series System Solutions: Seamless Operation, Enhanced Features and Unified Design

Harman Kardon’s CP 65, CP 60 and CP 55 System Solutions are complete home theater packages based around the company’s new 7.1-channel AVR 347 and AVR 247, and 5.1-channel AVR 146 audio/video receivers. Combining upgraded features with ease of operation and Harman Kardon’s distinctively elegant black-and-silver styling, the CP 65, CP 60 and CP 55 all include a receiver, DVD player, 5.1-channel loudspeaker system and universal remote control.

The CP 65 includes an AVR 347 receiver, DVD 48 universal DVD player and Harman Kardon’s HKTS 18 home theater speaker package. The CP 60 features an AVR 247 receiver, DVD 38 DVD-Audio/Video player and an HKTS 15 speaker system, and the CP 55 includes an AVR 146 receiver, DVD 38 DVD player and an HKTS 15 speaker package. In addition, a pair of optional HKS 9 and HKS 6 satellite speakers can be added to the CP 65 and CP 60, respectively, to create a 7.1-channel home theater system.

The audio/video components in the CP 65, CP 60 and CP 55 systems all work seamlessly with each other and deliver exceptional audio and video performance. All include HDMI connectivity and wide-bandwidth component video switching, making them ideal for use in HDTV-based home entertainment systems. The loudspeaker packages include satellite and center channel speakers that are wall-mountable for maximum installation flexibility (optional floor stands for the satellites are also available). The remote controls included with the systems operate the receivers and DVD players, and are capable of being programmed to operate other devices such as TVs, video displays or set-top boxes.