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home theater speaker: Genius appoints Tirupati Enterprises as its second disty

Genius spreads its wings to capture indian marketplace

New Delhi, New Delhi, India, 2006-07-14 ( -- Taiwan based Genius, one of the leading IT and Consumer Electronics brand across the globe, extends its distribution relationship with Kolkata based Tirupati Enterprises. This is their second distribution engagement in India as the first one is with Transtek Infoways.

"No doubt Transtek Infoways is doing wonderful job for Genius in India and we appreciate their efforts in building up the brand-GENIUS, however, the geography of country is so vast so is our Product Basket that it requires one more partner to tap the entire potential in the cut throat competition," says Mr. Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, KYE Systems (India) Corp., and both the distributors would surely work in synergy with each other to achieve the company's objective.

Mr. Abhishek Kejriwal, GM, Tirupati Enterprises says, "We are excited about our tie-up with Genius as it is a new line of business for us". Genius being the top three brands in KeyBoards, Mice etc, we will definitely try to put focus and increase the market share in India.

Genius products basket comprises wide variety of products including MP3 players, Speakers and Headphones for digital audio, Remote Controls and Home Theater Speaker system for home entertainment, Webcams for Internet video calling, Headset for mobile phone, Internet talking, gaming and laser mice and keyboards to name a few.

Mr. Ramani further added, "Genius has a huge family of products with several variations, hence we require more partners to help us expand our reach with different products other than what is offered by Transtek. Tirupati will be offering different products than what is being offered by Transtek to the market thus ensuring that no conflict of product arises due to the new distribution tie-up, and we believe that multiple partners will only compliment each other and in turn, it would help everybody grow at a much faster pace. We are targeting to become a significant player in the Indian marketplace and we are looking for at least 100% growth in next 9-12 months period".

About Genius: Genius is the brand name of KYE Systems, a US$ 353 million Taiwan, Taipei based company. In 1985, KYE launched the brand Genius, which stands for technology and trust. Headquartered in Taiwan Taipei, KYE has three manufacturing units at Dongguan, China and the fourth plant is under construction, which emphasizes in the manufacturing of products with excellent Industrial & Mechanical design, Environmental Protection Application & Lead-Free Technology Selection, and with a light, slim, short and small look. KYE has been awarded with ISO 9001 Quality systems certification in 1994 and ISO 14001 in 1996. It has been traded in Taiwan Stock exchange since 1997. KYE has received many an accolades from various quarters i.e. National Golden Award of Excellence, Good Design Award in Japan etc.

About Tirupati Enterprises: Tirupati Enterprises is a leading importer and distributor of computer parts and peripherals with channels spreading throughout the territory of India. Based in Kolkata, its partners are located in all major cities across the country. Tirupati's major product lines include Genius, MSI, Ge-cube Graphic Cards, Corsair Memory Products, etc.

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