Thursday, May 18, 2006

Home Theater Speaker: POLAR LIGHT Home Theater Speaker

An Exquisite Slim Design with Big System Sounds

All drivers utilize a Neodymium Magnet, which can create a magnetic field that's 10 times stronger. The end result is a highly efficient but much more compact driver which greatly narrows the front panel size.
The Transmission Line speaker design can also provides a slim & tall appearance w/ extended base response.

Woofers are introduced in tower, bookshelf, and center channel speakers. Due to the non-directional nature of its low frequency, the side or top firing configuration will fit in the side panels of the slim cabinet perfectly. Since there is no lower frequency duty, our midrange driver has become even smaller.

The center channel reproduces 50% of an entire movie sound track and over 90% of the dialogue, but has often been purposely ignored by Satellite Speakers to make way for its mini-sized design. Polar Light center speakers use not only the same high-efficiency tweeters & midranges to ensure articulate & agile performance, but also includes a woofer to perform the extended bass response. All the Polar Light speakers use the exact same drivers in order to have a close timbrel match for the highest degree of sonic realism.

A space saving Band Pass Powered Subwoofer is added to ensure a true cinema experience, with extended frequency response and greater dynamic range. ( The woofer is fully encased within the cabinet; the air load is in the coupling cavity, not in the open air, so a much smaller cone is used to produce an even higher efficiency.)
Contemporary Looks with Classic Touches

Due to the use of a rigid titanium dome (tweeter) & a non-dust-cap cone (midrange) , the grill is no longer needed. This not only eliminates the possible diffraction cause by the frame, but also gives the speaker a more Hi-Tech look.

The champagne silver powder mirror-finish makes the speakers a perfect match to modern hometheater's metallic looks. It does so without yielding to "cold" metal or "cheap" plastic feels. The lavish dark red piano mirror-finish on the side attains a highly refined appearance that can only be found in the best classic wood furniture.

The piano mirror-finish reflects the color & environment of its surrounding, artfully blending the speakers into the your home decor. The elegantly tall, slim design is carefully balanced to enhance & compliment your home theater without distracting your attention from the screen.
Each speaker in the system is uniquely designed, timbre matched and seamlessly coordinated. The result is a smooth, powerful and spacious sound that belies the speakers' size. Thus, the Polar Light Home Theater Speakerss are only available in sets to ensure the most impressive sonic attribute.

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