Thursday, May 18, 2006

home theater speaker : CHOPIN SA Super Audio Home Theater Speaker

" A win-win solution for decorators & audiophiles. Delicate, uncolored sound, quick transient response ......
1. Superior craftsmanship. 2. Easy adaptable speakers placement to reproduce good audio. 3. Satisfying performance in both cinema & music audio reproduction. 4. Deep, firm bass even without a subwoofer........

Coherent continuity in soundstage, great wrap around effects.... " ( Prime AV 11/2001, issue 79 )

Chopin SA super audio home theater speakers ( stereo speakers) is specially designed for today's high fidelity multi channel requirement. The whole series is closely developed for the ultimate Super Audio CD (SACD) surround sound listening experience that can literally transport you into the performance itself!

All the Chopin speakers use identical drivers, providing flexible mix and match possibilities. Thus, they deliver each full range channel with equal quality, allowing the natural acoustics of the original recording environment to come through, creating a truly immersive audio experience for the listener.

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