Thursday, May 18, 2006

Home theater Speaker: NATURE Home Theater Speaker

" The entire range of speaker is surprisingly balanced & weighty, consisting of a deep, taut bass with open, silky, and richly detailed high- & mid-ranges. The resulting sound is smooth and provides the easy listening that can only be found in home theater speaker that cost at least twice as much .......
Great speaker adaptability to perform with various grades of equipment. Other attributes include: 1. Solid construction... 2. High end materials... 3. Diverse speaker upgrade options.......

It provides a natural timbre with adequate definition & transparency, as well as fearless beyond -the- speaker imaging that make it a thrilling experience to listen to an orchestral reproduction. The price for the Nature home theater speaker series is definitely unreasonably low ......." ( Audio Art 05/2001, issue 152 )

The Nature series home theater speaker ( stereo speaker) is our flagship high end home speaker system: reliable and versatile, it has been setting a new standard of performance in its price range. Whether it is being used for easy music listening or a true cinema experience, Nature home theater speaker can not only provide you sonic sensations but can also blend into your home decor and lifestyle 'naturally'.

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