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home theater speaker: Onkyo Releases New 1080p HDMI-Capable Home Theater Receivers

By GSPR Press Release

Onkyo has introduced two mid-priced home theater receivers with features previously available only in much more expensive models. The Onkyo TX-SR674 and TX-SR604 are capable of integrating with the most recent advances in display and source technology, including HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc formats.

Both models feature advanced HDMI switching with built-in repeaters to allow the receivers to switch digital video up to 1080p while still processing digital audio signals through the same HDMI connection. The TX-SR604 is believed to be the least expensive AV receiver with this feature. Additionally the TX-SR674 also converts analog video signals to HDMI, allowing use of a single cable for modern digital video displays. Each receiver provides a full suite of 7.1-channel surround processing as well as 7.1 multichannel inputs to ensure compatibility with newly emerging formats, such as the HD and lossless audio formats (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio) that are part of the new HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disc technologies.

These receivers also include the highly regarded Audyssey 2EQ system for automatic acoustic calibration, making it simple to tailor performance to individual listening rooms. Each is XM satellite radio ready, and they are designed to integrate with Onkyo's iPod docking stations. Extensive multi-zone, multi-room connection options make these receivers ideal tools for custom AV Systems installers. The receivers' amplifiers employ Onkyo's classic wide range amplifier technology (WRAT) to provide the high power needed for demanding home theater speaker sound tracks.

"Home audio and video entertainment is changing at a dramatic pace right now, and the job of making all these technologies work together falls on the A/V receiver," comments Onkyo Marketing Manager Paul Wasek. "By implementing high end features like HDMI switching, video transcoding, automatic speaker calibration, and XM satellite radio tuning into our mid-priced models, Onkyo is giving consumers the control and performance they need without the sticker shock that cutting edge products often inflict on them."

Onkyo TX-SR604
Onkyo's TX-SR604 A/V receiver has switching for two HDMI source components and Audyssey 2EQ automatic room calibration to the already impressive list of features from the best-selling TX-SR603X model it replaces. The new model features 7 x 90 watts of power, analog component video upconversion with time base correction (TBC), and is currently available in black or silver finishes at a suggested retail price of $599.

Onkyo TX-SR674
Onkyo's TX-SR674 is a new model in the company's A/V receiver line that delivers 7x95 watts of power, and a comprehensive suite of audio and video switching capabilities that includes transcoding of all video source material to HDMI for single-cable connection to properly equipped HDTV displays. It is currently available in black or silver finishes at a suggested retail price of $799.

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