Thursday, September 14, 2006

about home theater speaker

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Neil Young was on NPR chatting about his new movie, Heart of Gold, when he uttered a line that stuck with me: "The art of singing is making a sound that comes from your heart." Thanks Neil, I'm co-opting the idea to describe what distinguishes great home theater systems—their sound touches your heart. Yeah, that's it. While components are getting better all the time, many lack that special something. There's nothing obviously out of whack, it's just that their sound doesn't connect on an emotional level. Sometimes the individual components are all top notch, but, if they're not well matched to each other, the sound suffers. When everything clicks, you know it. That was certainly the case when I hooked up Marantz's SR8500 A/V receiver with a set of PSB's VisionSound VS300 speakers and SubSeries 5i subwoofer. They're all charmers.

Portable DLP Front Projector (model DT-100) - Weighing just over eight and a half pounds, this portable DLP front projector can be moved easily from room to room, for an instant big-screen theater anywhere in the home. Using DLP technology from Texas Instruments, this stylish, feature-packed projector is ideal for consumers to watch TV, DVDs or play computer games on a full-size screen and then pack it all up and put it away, saving space and avoiding clutter. The DT-100 provides consumers with a compact, lightweight product that will easily fit on a shelf, cabinet or small side table. The projector is EDTV (enhanced definition television), with a resolution of 854 x 480 that is high-definition compatible. Upgraded features include an extremely high contrast ratio of 2500:1 as well as 1000 ANSI Lumen brightness for brilliant clarity and a superior image. The low fan noise of 30 dBA (in economy mode) ensures that a film's dialogue and special effects are the only sounds that movie-watching guests will hear.

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The projector is outfitted with a 6 Segment 5 X Speed color wheel that minimizes "color breaking" and provides high quality images with accurate color reproduction.

The Widescreen LC-26DV20U and LC-20DV20U LCD TVs provide a slim, versatile, all-in-one television and video solution. Both units feature HDMI and HD component inputs for high-definition compatibility when connected to a separate set-top box. A built-in progressive-scan DVD Player loads discs into the TV from the side, keeping the sleek appearance of the unit and creating a complete home theater solution. The DV20U Series provides a high contrast ratio (800:1) and wide viewing angles (170 degrees). The 26-inch model is an HDTV and includes built-in NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners. The 20-inch model is an HDTV Monitor offering HD compatibility and PC connectivity. These televisions are silver and feature bottom-placed speakers that will complement any decor.

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