Sunday, October 01, 2006

Biggest challenges to home theater equipment buyers

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One of the biggest challenges to home theater equipment buyers is in the installation of the the products that they buy, and the speaker system can be the most problematic of all since there are more wires that run farther distances than any other component in the surround sound setup. Happily, Athena makes the installation as painless as possible by providing the speaker wires in the box already, and a very clear wiring diagram that should be able to be used successfully by even the most technically challenged among us.

If you wish to mount your speaker setup to the wall or hang them from the ceiling they have already thought of that too and included handy swivel mounting brackets for that kind of job.

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The system itself consists of satellite speakers that are small and stylish enough to blend in with almost any surroundings and yet capable of great sound in an average size room. Of course, if your listening area is in a very large room you may have trouble filling it up with sound, but that is to be expected at this low price level.

The best part of this whole system is it's cost which is under $400 on some online sites. And considering how easy it is to spend thousands on a home theater surround sound speaker system, that figure is very easy on the pocketbook. So if you want to step up to a surround sound experience for your home theater system, but just can't afford the big bucks right now, consider this home theater speaker review of the Athena Micra 6 and see if it doesn't fir the bill.

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